On July 11 my doctor told me that I would have to go 30 days without sugar.  I thought she was out of her mind.  Who says that to a person!  I immediately starting feeling that it was impossible. However, besides eating a brownie, things have gone quite well.

Has my body reacted differently without sugar?  Yes.  No more highs and lows from the effects of sugar, my appetite is different, and my cravings for the taste for sugar has lessened.

This journey has taught me that letting go of the bad things I am comfortable with can be good for me.  This philosophy is not limited to sugar, for example, a career change.  Changing your career can be scary because you step into unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and challenging situations and instantly you want to revert back to what was comfortable for you.  But, the struggle is part of the journey.

So, I have decided to push myself even further than the thirty days that the doctor initially told me.  Why?  Because I am determined to excel at whatever I do.  I have to keep going if I truly want to see change in my life.  And it’s the same for you.  Although changing careers is scary it pushes you past your limits, so keep going.