As I’m entering into this new year, I am invaded by several mottos of “inspiration.” For example, New Year New You, New Year Commitments, New Year New Beginnings and I can honestly say that I have heard all of these before and was not really motivated to do things differently in the past, present or future. They all imply short-term changes that only can happen in the beginning of a new year.  It’s like if I don’t decide in January to do something different then the entire year is a loss and I’ll have to wait until the next year to start over. If that’s the case, I have already failed!  However, there is one that I saw that got me to thinking, New Normal!

As a career coach, I work with a variety of diverse people to help them manage their employment status.  Often, I find myself pointing out misguided perspectives, de-cluttering  schedules, and unraveling hidden dreams. When I begin working with a client, their current life appears to be normal and it is when compared to others that are in their sphere of influence; but, once I begin to explore the depths of the client they begin to identify ways to create a new reality for their career path and, ultimately, their lives.  What they discover is that, despite what they have been taught over the years, their personal lives and professional career paths are intertwined, not separate from one another.  Therefore, to succeed in both areas will require a New Normal in all aspects of their lives.

My definition of New Normal means to develop new habits, change perspectives and step outside of my comfort zone to enhance the quality of my life on a consistent basis, year-round.  New Normal motivates me to really examine my life and decide what things to keep and what things to do away with.  New Normal inspires me to meet new people and pursue new personal and professional opportunities.  New Normal challenges me to try new things and seek new adventures.  New Normal sends a message that this is not just for the new year, but instead, it is a new way of life. New Normal extends beyond the bounds of the new year because it is not restricted by time.  As a matter of fact, it is a process that takes time. It demands that I try, fail, examine and then succeed.

The great thing about creating a New Normal in your life is that you do not have to do it alone! I am here to help you work through the process of creating a New Normal. No judgment, just accountability! I will work closely with you to help you remove, de-clutter, and manage your ideas better so that you can enjoy the full benefits of your career and your life. Call me at 214-614-8394 for a free consultation.