Scratching My Roots

Scratching My Roots

I had the best weekend ever because all I did was clean my home and office! Now, that may not be an ideal weekend for some of you but, for me, it was therapeutic. Please, let me explain!

I am not a neat freak nor am I OCD when it comes to things being in there proper place; however, this past weekend, I decided to get my space in order.  I would not call it spring cleaning as most people do because it was deeper than that, so when my friend asked me what would I call it, I said, “Scratching My Roots.”

Nothing feels better than when somebody else has their hands on your scalp shampooing your hair. You almost go mindless and there is absolutely nothing to worry about and a total peace comes over you. It’s really like God is whispering pure love notes in your ear at that moment.  The reason is you are accustomed to shampooing your own scalp; therefore, it can appear to just be another task or just something you do routinely, so you take it for granted when you do it yourself. However, when someone else is doing it, you are able to just relax in the experience. Cleaning my house and office this weekend was like getting my roots scratched!

For the first time in a long time, I felt free to throw junk away instead of reorganizing it and I realized a few things: 1. I was holding on to my past through junk papers. 2. These excessive junk papers were crowding every part of my life  3. They needed to go. So, I created a massive pile of junk papers not to be trashed, but to be shredded. I wanted it shredded not only for security reasons but because I didn’t want to ever go back to that part of my life again, EVER. With shredding the papers, in my mind, I also shredded every good and bad memory that the junk papers represented. Why shred the good memories?  Because, though there were some good times/meetings, they were not enough to hold on to the toxic relationships that came out of them and I wanted to get rid of all my excuses to do so.

These papers represented meetings that I sat in over the years wondering if I really mattered to the other people in the room, am I really making a difference in anyone’s life or if my voice was ever really heard and, for years, I carried that with me. I realized that most of the topics of those meetings were no longer relevant in 2015 and the people that attended were no longer in my life and if they are, we would create new and better memories moving forward.  It was such a freeing experience for me because now, I no longer have those thoughts crowding my mind and I am free to concentrate on the success of my own business and family.

So, for you entrepreneurs, employers and employees out there, take some time in April to Scratch Your Roots.  It will help you re-focus so that you can continue to make 2015 your best year yet.  As always, I am here to help so do not hesitate to call me at 214-944-1472.