Keep Swinging

Keep Swinging

Keep Swinging
In this corner, we have Coach Liz Moffitt, Master Coach
Champion of the World. (And the crowd goes wild). Have
you ever had to come out swinging? Have you had enough of
putting your dreams and goals on hold to help others
achieve theirs? Now you think you don’t have the energy to
focus on your own. Now is the perfect time to get off the
stool, put your mouth guard in and come out swinging to
energize your passion for yourself.

I am Coach Liz Moffitt, President and CEO of The
Christopher Quinn Group. My first swing was to become
an entrepreneur. It looked so easy watching others living out their dreams of entrepreneurship. Well, I swung and missed. If you’ve been in a fight and your punch doesn’t land against anything, you lose your equilibrium and fall. After two years, I started over with more clarity and vision.

I was a coach before the word coach became so popular. Call it instinct, a gut feeling, or just plain ole character. As a Certified Master Coach and Trainer, my passion for people reaching their potential is the driving force behind what I do. I can see things in people that they can’t see in themselves. I wipe the sweat from the mirror that helps people see their value and worth. If you are stagnant in any area of your life, you could use a coach.

Through Coach’s Corner, you’ll gain tidbits and nuggets on a range of topics that will bring you out of your shell, help you find your voice, or take the first step towards transitioning
through those stagnant areas of your life or career. Have you ever found yourself in an interview and, upon leaving, felt you had used the same response for all of the questions you
were asked? Oh wait, that was me.

Coaching may sound like a foreign concept to you, but it was a coach that brought me out of my shell and encouraged me to see my value through how I was able to turn the lives of others around.
So, while you might find a coach in one of the oddest places, the relationship has to be there,
you have to be teachable, and you have to be ready to have your bell rung.

Before I end, remember that anything worth having is worth fighting for. So put your gloves on, your teeth guard in, and get in the fight for your goals and dreams. I have succeeded in helping an individual with just words on a page and writing a best-seller. All she
wanted was another job – a comfortable place. Stay on your stool, in your corner, if that makes you happy, but there is so much more to you.

If you want to change your life, find me at, or on social media.

I am Worth it by changing the lives of others through coaching, using my gifts and talents to empower individuals to dream through encouragement, support, insight, a plan of action, and a developed strategy to reach their goals.