2015-05-30 15.00.53What initially started out as an expression of sisterhood towards a friend of mine that is going through chemo, actually turned out to be the most teachable moment of my life. Since I shaved my head I have experienced so much love, support, stares, looks of confusion, embraces, words of encouragement, awkward hesitations and total avoidance.

So, “why did I do it;” you see, I can’t go through the chemo process with her, I can’t make her feel better physically, I can’t go to all of the doctor appointments with her but I can do something as simple as an expression of love to honor her.  What I have learned is that when you express love with boldness, it is also freeing for you as well. Being there for her in this way has given me a very small glimpse into what she must be going through.

This experience has made me think: “What if I were the one with cancer, would people treat me differently?” or “What if I involuntarily lost my hair trying to fight for my life, would I be embraced or alienated.” By no means is this an equivalent comparison, but we do the same thing to people that have lost their jobs. We push people away afraid that they may ask for help or we talk about them for being down on their luck. However, the most sincere expression of love to someone that is unemployed is to share their resume with a friend or coworker.  If their resume isn’t together help them create a better one and if you don’t know how, share my contact information with them.

As I walk proudly with my shaved head in honor of my friend, I want to encourage you to make a bold expression of love to those in your life that could use a little support and encouragement as they face their circumstances.