People spend little time up front understanding what they bring to the work environment, so they end up underselling their skills. What’s important is that they take the time to say what’s important to them, in rank order.  That could be location, distance, pay, benefits, the type of work they get to do, or even what does the daily workflow look like.

A company hires because they either need to solve problems or have opportunities that require more employees, which is why the best applicants are those who can articulate how their experience is best for the particular position.  Instead, people say they did something on their resume but can’t remember it in the interview.

Interviewers ask open-ended questions giving applicants the opportunity to bring out their experiences or skill sets that apply directly to the job.  So, you should be generally accurate to represent what’s on your resume.  Learn how to showcase your best self.  Call 214-614-8394 for a free consultation to speak with one of our career coaches.