As of today, we are experiencing the hottest day of the year.  Temperatures are going to reach a high of 106 degrees.  Boy, that’s hot!  Therefore, I am sure you are drinking plenty of water, dressing in lightweight clothing, avoiding strenuous activity and staying indoors to survive the heat.  However, the high temperatures are going to last for the next few days and we are having a major shopping event this weekend…Tax Free Weekend.  This is the time of year that you can purchase clothing and school supplies without paying the state and local sales tax on purchases over $100.00.  But, going from store to store in 106-degree weather can be draining on you and so can changing jobs or careers without being prepared.

Often I hear parents talk about purchasing their children’s school supplies and uniforms; however, as working adults, there are a few key items you should always keep on hand to “survive the heat” should your employment situation change at a moment’s notice.  Plus, during Tax Free weekend you can check with retailers to see if you can take advantage of purchasing these items without paying the tax.  For example,

  1. Resume Paper:  The purpose of a resume and cover letter is to get you an interview; not to get you a job.  Your resume is an introduction to your professional qualifications and experience; therefore, presenting yourself with high-quality resume paper allows you to project an image of preparedness and professionalism when you present it in your interview.
  2. Ball Point Pens:  It is imperative to always have a ball point pen with you on an interview.  Though most recruiters may not mind lending you a pen, it looks more professional for you to enter into an interview prepared to take notes.
  3. Portfolio Folder:  This item allows you the ability to be organized and helps you maintain your resume and application neat and clean.    Again, when you carry a portfolio folder you project the image of preparedness and organized.
  4. Professional Clothing:  A job interview is your opportunity to make a great first impression; therefore, dressing for success is key.  The proper interview attire will vary based on the position you are applying for; however, there are always a few standard items that are always appropriate for any interview.
    1. Classic black slacks
    2. Classic  dress shirt  or blouse (color may vary)
    3. Button down blazer
    4. Black dress shoes or moderate-heel pumps (Please note:  Although very high heels may not be a problem for you to walk in, they may not be appropriate for a job interview.  You may have to do a walking tour of the company or some form of physical activity while interviewing, therefore, you want to make sure your shoes are comfortable and are at a reasonable height level. )

When selecting these items, it is best to choose cotton fabrics because the material will breathe better in case you get nervous and begin to sweat or if the weather is extremely hot outside like it is today.

In addition, as you prepare your children to be educated, you too should educate yourself on how to handle unforeseen employment changes or making a career change by registering for career coaching sessions through Career Clique.  We are running a back to school special ($29.95) for a 3-hour session held on Saturday, August 10, 2013.  So, don’t let the heat of employment changes suddenly approach and you not be prepared!  Hydrate and revitalize your employment status with Career Clique, NOW!

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