Modifications in the Making

Modifications in the Making

As I continued to think about this new year, I have come to the realization that it is not about being a new year, new you. Instead, it is and has always been about Modification!

I am a professional behavioral assessment trainer, similar to the Myers-Briggs, but more detailed.  In my training sessions, the first thing I am sure to point out is that the assessment is not to change who you are.  Instead, I want people to know that it is a tool to help modify your behaviors by giving you an understanding of your strengths and insights into your areas of improvement.  I make sure to say this because I don’t want people feeling like something is wrong with them and I have learned that once you start highlighting things about people’s behaviors, the defenses come up quickly.

However, when you present it as a “modification” a different message is received.  The message of “I can improve” or “I’m working on myself” is often the mindset that most people take.  Often, I hear people say, “God is not through with me yet” and as cliché as it sounds, it’s true because modifications are always in the making.

Within the last year, many modifications in my life have been made.  Though 2012 was exciting and challenging, the most important thing that I gained and carry with me into 2013 is a modified perspective.  I no longer party with pity, I no longer see the cant’s in life and I am no longer intimidated by “no”; all because I have modified my perspective.  I realized all of the pity parties I have attended, the cant’s I have told myself and the “no’s” I’ve heard are really motivational tools God has used to modify me.  As a result of God’s efforts, I am learning to embrace all the wonderfulness that is me and accept the necessary modifications so that I can be even better.  The way I see it, change is the result of continuous modifications.

So you see, modification has movement behind it and if you are like me, the first thing that needs to be modified are your priorities.  Please join me for the “Prioritizing Priorities” Session.  Let’s make continuous modifications together to promote ultimate change in our lives!

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