How many times have you set a goal to lose that extra 10 pounds as your New Years Resolution? Yeah, right!  I have made that same New Years Resolution only to gain a extra 20 pounds by the end. Then I sit around questioning how it happened. Sound familiar?

Well, it happened because I did not have a problem setting the goal, I had a problem committing to it. Committing to goals can be difficult because the unexpected in  life happens and most often than not, you are not prepared for it.  Just think, what would happen if you planned a routine workout schedule and your meals; and, had someone to workout with you and help you plan and prepare those meals?  Those 10lbs, maybe more, would melt away easily!

That’s exactly what this Goal Setting Workshop is, a personal trainer to assist you with setting and accomplishing your goals.  Remember when I talked about having a positive support team.  It’s hardly likely that your best friend, sister or co-worker will be the people to help you set and accomplish your goals. If they were, they would have done it in the past years; however, they can hold you accountable because you have made an actionable step by signing up for this workshop.  But first,  you have to take that step!

It has been my goal for years to start this blog, but I procrastinated year after year; now, I have taken actionable steps to make it happen.  I went through the same goal setting process you will learn in the workshop and look, I’m committed to blogging.

Make this season a time of giving, sharing, planning and accomplishing! Giving yourself the gift of this workshop, Share this information with your friends and family.  Plan to sign up together & Accomplish what you actually set out to accomplish this upcoming year.

Don’t let another year go by with your goals unmet!!!

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