2013 is only four weeks away.  However, preparation begins now for “New Year.  New You.”  Instead of focusing on resolutions, we are going to focus on setting goals.  Resolutions can be broken.  Goals can be met. To get started, get to a quiet place, allowing yourself to think.  Journal and make a list of the things you want to accomplish.  Don’t try to limit your list, just jot down everything that comes to mind.  You can edit it later.  Our coaches can help you make sense of it.

Goals should be S. M. A. R. T.  The more Specific your goals are, the better your chances are at reaching them.  When you find yourself being vague, correct it.  Next, your goals should be Measurable in order to determine success.  Set Attainable goals that are reasonable and possible to reach.  Goal should be Realistic, which keeps you from being frustrated when your unrealistic expectations are not met.  Lastly, goals should be Timely.  Goals with no deadline, may as well not be a goal at all because there is limited incentive to reach them. Join us for our upcoming Goal-Setting Workshops.  Space is limited.  Sign up Today!

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